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New Students Occasionally, for some students new to the art, private lessons are a way to learn in a more controlled setting. Often, an individual will have slightly different goals than that of a group class. Perhaps you are an executive wanting more personalized attention. Or you have a physical parameter that you want to learn to work around, meanwhile requiring your training partners to take extra care and attention. Or you just want to get a head start before you train in a group class. It takes about 30 months to achieve black belt in group lesson in general. However, our time-saving and intensive private lesson program guarantees to achieve black belt level in 6 months(50 hour program).  Students can arrange the class schedule at their convenient time. Also Masters can visit your locations and offer short intensive self-learning program. Whatever the reason, some students prefer to learn in private (1-on-1) or semi-private (small groups of 2-4) lessons which are tailored specifically to their pace, schedule, fitness level, and personalities.

Experienced Martial Artists If you have experience any martial arts you would understand the value of becoming black belt and how hard it is to achieve the black belt. Moreover, you recognize how the solid basics are important. Challenge yourself to achieve the blackbelt with focused, time saving program. Sword program exclusively at Sung Moo Kendo Academy will be a best choice of your life time.

Current Students Private Lessons are an effective way to turbocharge your training. During private lessons, an instructor can spend one-on-one time with you to fine tune your techniques and improve your performance. If you have a bad habit or try to improve your skills quickly, try to experience the private lesson. It is a popular way for students to accelerate their progress.

Seminars and School Program Courses Looking to host a seminar or Siljun Dobup School Program course? We would be pleased to help you.  If you are running a martial art school, we can help you to open sword classes.

*Black Belt 50 hours program Achieving 1st degree black belt (regularly takes 30-36 months) Online teaching and visiting for lesson are possible for those who live out of New Jersey. If  you are interested in private lessons, please give us a call (201) 387-2200 or email us

What you get

Customized workout routines built around your schedule.

Healthy nutrition plans designed to meet your dietary needs, fitness goals,and preferences.

A personal trainer assigned to be your own coach.

No more wasted time and frustration! Our team will teach you how to make results last!

Guidance and continued support.

Effective and safe fitness programs.

Our Private Members videos



Crystal’s Set Ji(地)


70 years old Dr. Son’s Set Ji(地)


Jenny’s Set Soo(水)


Brian’s Kumdo 20th Private Lesson


James’s Set Ji(地)


Amen’s Siljun Dobup 20th Private Lesson


Amen & Brian Set Ji(地), Soo(水)


Brian’s Set Cheon(天)        


Michael’s Set Ji(地)


Michael’s Set Ji(地)


Michael’s Set Soo(水)


Michael’s Set Poong(風)


Daniel’s Set Ji(地)


Daniel’s Set Soo(水)


Jonathan’s Set Ji(地)


Jonathan’s Set Soo(水)

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